Brief  History
Former owner Johnnie Moss and his wife, Lillie, center.
Daughters Marilove Moss Spencer to right and Geraldine Moss Badala to left.
Buffaloe Milling Company, Inc located in Kittrell was founded around 1854. The gristmill began as so many other gristmills in North Carolina, it was a necessity to the survival of the people settled close by. People of the community would bring their corn to the mill to be ground into corn meal. As payment the mill, owner would keep a small toll of corn. The original owner was
S R Hunt, a large landowner in the community. The mill changed hands several times over the years. The present owners grandfather, Johnnie Moss, bought the mill in 1950. Giving the name Moss Corn Meal birth. In 1979 Mr. Moss sold the mill to his daughter and her husband, James and Marilove Spencer. The Spencer's operated the mill until 1989. At this time their son
J Daryl purchased the mill. Daryl had worked with his parents since 1979, so knew the business well. With many new renovations over the years Buffaloe Milling, Inc has grown to sell its corn meal, breaders and hushpuppy mixes by direct delivery to stores and restaurants in the Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina areas. We also ship products for customers not living close to areas we deliver to. The company continues to enjoy growth while maintaining its sacred traditions.
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